Hard to Get

I’m playing Hard to Get with running fast right now. Pretending that I don’t want it…. When in reality I probably want it more than anything else… but don’t tell anyone. 

I’m starting to have more good days than bad days. Supplements are definitely starting to work. I forgot them once and felt TERRIBLE so they are obviously working, but I’m obviously dependent on them pretty badly. Just been doing low easy mileage to keep myself afloat for a while hoping that something will click sometime soon. I just don’t feel smooth or in a rhythm EVER. I always feel like I’m pulling dead weight… and that makes the whole idea of going out for a run quite sucky. It was never like this before. I used to just be able to go for a run and even when it was hurting it was not because I had cinderblocks for feet, it was usually a pain that I pushed myself to BECAUSE it was so easy otherwise. This weight is something I start with– and unfortunately finish with.


Anyway, I didn’t race after the 12 weeks for two reasons 1. Anemia was not part of the plan, 2. I didn’t want to turn down the $$ to photograph a wedding… so I did that instead. I’ve had a wedding every weekend this month. Busy, busy! 

Here are my weeks anyway… In order from where I left off. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


That’s a total of 255ish miles in 8 weeks… Aye has nearly run that in this month. She would have done that if she didn’t get sick this month. She’s a crazy bitch though! 😉 

Anyway, I’m just going to keep plugging along minding my own business and playing Hard to Get… and maybe something will spark soon. 

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